We are in the market since the year 2000, working in the segments of graphic arts, web services, including hosting services, localization services and project management.
   In this period we provide services to companies such as Loquant, Lionbridge, Moravia, in the location / program translation segment for Microsoft, Google, Nikon, Caterpillar, Unisys, including managed tests for Eletronic Arts.
   We created sites for the Cellular 982 store, Brazilian Symbolic National Masonry, Relisan Engenharia, Casa Viva a Vida, Institute of Rehabilitation Medicine of Niterói, Monteacoco, Impress Toner. All micro enterprises, who have chosen to have greater visibility on the Internet and invest in globalization.
   In the web / hosting service we host the sites of Symbólica Nacional Brasileira, Relisan Engenharia among others.

   Our objective is to offer, with a lean and quality budget, the insertion of micro enterprises and individual entrepreneurs in the digital world.